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The Children
Uganda Children
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Crippled Boy Healed Now
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$10.00 per month
or $120.00 annually

Thank you so much for hearing the heart of God and sponsoring a child. Your tax deductible donation will enable the Christian schools to continue educating their children on Godly principles and truths. I personally have seen these teachers and children. Many children do not own a pair of shoes. Many cannot afford the school clothes. The country does have some public schools but they are not free like in America.   We can do something. You can help to change lives...you are an answer to a needy child!

When you committ to sponsor a child, you will recieve a picture of your sponsored child along with information about your child: age, birth date (if known), family details, and favorites-color, food, sports, and scripture.

The children in these Christian schools, in response to your generosity, will make themselves available to pray for you. All you have to do is email your prayer needs to hisjoy@snydertex.com and I will forward it to the superintendent. He will see to it that your student's class will have your request to lift up to God. I would also ask that you pray for not only your student but all the children in these most challenging of circumstances. Together we can make a difference for eternity in someone's life.

Jesus is Lord !

The Team
Uganda Team
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Preaching the Gospel
Uganda Preaching
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